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Content Marketing

Keyword-rich content that answers your audiences questions and builds long-lasting customer relationships.

From website copy to social media, content marketing is an amazing opportunity to show customers that you care.  No matter what concept or service you are selling, you’re ultimately wanting to draw customers to your brand, the one that will encourage their dreams, relax their fears, confirm what they hope for and help them to be better for it.



Blogging/Article Writing

Informative content that drives traffic to your website and social media pages, increasing your search engine rankings and overall site performance.

Blog and articles offer fresh content that search engines can index, giving potential buyers a higher chance of finding your product. Many businesses struggle with blog posts because of the level of skill they require to write and the time frame to create them. When a blog post is engaging and relevant to your reader, it captures their interest and creates a connection between buyer and brand.


The extra confidence that you need to ensure your content is grammatically correct and consistent. 

Editing is what occurs when a first draft has been written. It is the process of assessing whether the work is well written or not and where changes need to be made. There are a few aspects that are covered under editing, including the content, clarity, style, the overall structure and the structure within each paragraph. 

Proofreading is the process of working with content after the editing phase and consists of looking deeply at the text for errors before it is approved. This includes looking at spelling, grammar and punctuation as well as the overall sense of the content being written.


The words are in your head, but putting pen to paper has you hitting a blank? For many people, the words flow easier when they can be spoken out loud. Our transcription service allows you to say the words you need, without the pressure to create text that conveys your meaning. You talk, we type and edit.

Discovery Call

A discovery call to help me understand your brand. Includes brand research.

Content Creation

Written excellence that honours your brief.


Until you are happy with your keyword-rich content.

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