You need us as your content writer.

You’re not a content writer. It doesn’t come easily. It feels hard doing it and you really don’t think the words you produce are going to get the attention you need on your social media pages. Hiring a team writer or social media manager is also not an option and suddenly everything has become very complicated. What is wonderful about this scenario, is that the things you cannot do or make happen, we can.

The game plan.

Writing content for a website, blog, advertisement or anything really has to be specific and strategic. If the content written is not relevant to the audience you want to target, your potential readers are not going to be interested. But it doesn’t stop there, it is so much more than just inserting popular key phrases into paragraphs. Search engines need your content to be relevant, interesting, valuable and worthy of being bumped to the top of a search result list.

Essentially for online content to be all these things, two masters need to be served. Your readers need to love it, it needs to be a valuable resource, enjoyable and it needs to answer their questions. And Google needs to see the content written in such a way that they can ascertain what it is about, that it has authority and that it is relevant.

So what does it mean to have content that is search engine optimised (SEO)?

SEO copywriting is a form of online writing that serves purpose. The content is made up of key phrases that your targeted audience has been researching, or will search for. By sending out content that has an SEO base, you are increasing the likelihood of your work being picked up with search engines. This means that when people search for content, and you have written about it, it will show up in the search engine results and allow for traffic to be driven to your content.

What are you getting out of this?

We all work hard for our money, and we want to know that when we spend it it’s going to bring a profitable return. When you hire Coffee at Claire’s as your lead content writer, you are guaranteed to receive high quality in-depth content that caters to its audience, all the while keeping track of the competition. The content we write is up to date with the latest keywords and phrases being searched for, as well as being optimized for search engines to find easily.

We offer a once off article option with 2 author rewrites, as well as a month to month evolving package where all content written is re-assessed twice during the month to check for new trends and phrases being searched.

… what we offer …

We are different. I am different. You have never worked with the best until you have worked with me. Coffee at Claire’s is a home space, where a business can rest assured that the content they need is being written in a professional yet comfortable manner. You don’t need to be here, hassled over email or let down by inferior work. What does this mean? Simply this, make yourself a cup of coffee and let me make the magic.

Content Writer:

We create content for your social media pages that is relevant and trending and will yield results. Before we even put fingers to keyboards, we take a look at who or what your business is so that we are writing within context. The next step always is to analyse your audience and target market, and get to know them a little too. This ensures that we are taking two different unlinked entities and creating a relationship where there was none before.

Once we have this in mind, we can then get out our writing pad and start with research ideas and looking at what is currently trending, both in South Africa and across the world. This includes optimising keywords and phrases through research of these trends, as well as always being one step ahead of the competition. Our content can range from small articles of 300 words, up to 2500 for longer more informative posts. We love to link our content to other relevant content that you have written, so that throughout the process readers are kept interested, intrigued and hungry for more. Each article we create for you includes two feedback rewrites where you can request changes or additions.

Content Consultant:

If you put your heart and soul into your work and are not getting the results you were hoping for, it can be something as simple as changing a few words. What we do from this point is take a look at your social media pages, websites and overall presence and see what can be enhanced and adapted to fit current trends and ever changing markets. Gone are the days of a static article or post, now people want more and more information and they want it to be relevant. Hiring us as your content consultant ensures that you are getting the best results from the current content that you have published.

Ghost Writer:

My deep passion is of course writing, and I find fire ignites in my bones when I am given creative freedom to complete, enhance or create a written work. Ghost writing means that I take your topic or idea, and create a written piece around it according to your given word count. The best part, is you get to put your name on it without having to have done the content. Having a ghost writer on your team means you get the best results and also the credit. I work on short pieces, as well as books and structure the costing accordingly. I strive to be as fair as possible, to help you to make your dream work come true.


Sometimes you just need that one person with a couple qualifications in English, and few years spent teaching, to take a look at what you have written. Writing is an art, but there are a few rules that need to be adhered to, and I love to help people to do that. The process includes sending you back your perfected edited copy, as well as y our original copy with the sections we changed in red. This allows for you to see the progression of how I got to the final outcome. This also includes 2 rewrite and feedback sessions, so that you can share what you want added or changed. If we are needing to complete a certain portion of the work, I am always available for a Skype or Whatsapp consult, which if limited to a few sessions is not charged for over and above the rate you have paid.

… what we charge …

Please note all our rates sit below the recommended freelancer rate (SAFREA)

Rates includes the following:

  • Correspondence
  • Research
  • Keyword and key phrases
  • Specific density of keywords if required
  • Optimisation of the article so that search engines find it relevant
  • Competition analysis
  • Content depth
  • Unique title tag
  • Meta tags
  • Images, audio or video where required
  • Internal linking to relevant posts within the social media page
  • Mobile friendly
  • 2x feedback and editing sessions
  • Skype/Whatsapp conference calls where needed

Please note we average on 2000 words per hour, content dependent.

Quotes available:   *   072 213 2702

Quotes available:
072 213 2702