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Business Owner
Coffee at Claire’s

Jun 2016 – Present

Academic Study
Tanya Schemmer, HG Namibia

22 Apr– 17 May 2016

Christian Church Report
Wonu Yoloye, Jesus House

1 Dec 2015 – 12 Sep 2016

Content Writer, Inbound Marketing
Asif Ismail, Maxemize Social Media

24 Oct – 13 Dec 2013

Article Writing
Chris Forsythe, Lance Literature

23 Oct 2013

Christian Western Romance
Tod Wok, TPW7145

31 Aug – 6 Sep 2013

Children’s Literature
Nemek Nowaczyk, Thundergram PTY Ltd

12 Aug – 22 Oct 2014

Travel Writer
Mark Gately

27 Jan – 27 Mar 2013

10 Books
Anders G, The Syndicate

11 Jan– 17 Apr 2013

Hens Party Guide
Sally McMahon, Bridalicious

11 Jan – 23 Oct 2013

Creative Writer
Scott Todd, STKT Holdings, LLC

18 Dec 2012 – 3 Sept 2015

Recipe Book Writer
Stanislav Seklyutsky

13 Dec – 30 Dec 2012

Ghost Writer
Guy Winter

11 Nov 2012 – 14 Jan 2013

Book Reviewer
Omba Ahmad, Word Magicians

24 Oct – 18 Dec 2012

Vera Daniels

23 Oct – 3 Nov

eBook Director
Sundi Jo Graham, ThumbPrint Marketing Group

17 Jul – 9 Aug 2012

Research Paper
Ashley Talley

5 Jul 2012 – 22 Feb 2013

Vani Chugh, Vani Online Media

26 June 2012

Market Research Writer
Douglas Pelo

19 Oct 2011 – Jan 13 2012

Adoption Articles
John Dobsob, Oz People Trace

7 Sep 2012

Copy Writer
Kristof Zielinski, Inter-Cars

7 Dec 2011

Article Writer
Biz Bee Media

22 Oct 2011

Blog Writer
Jon Hyne, Content Guy

19 Oct 2011

Hydroponic Article Writer
Bjare Viken, Scale Ups

7 Sep 2011

Ghost Writer
Jhardine Farrell, Finding Hope

… The nitty gritty …

If heart and soul counted, I would list those first. But of course you want to know if you can trust that I know what I am doing.

I attended Maris Stella school in Natal, where I finished with a Matric Exemption:

English * Afrikaans * Mathematics * Science * Drama * History

I then went on to Varsity College where after much debating, chose the BA in Psychology and English over Journalism. It became evident by 4th year Honours Psychology that my heart was to make a difference in the world, more often than not leaving my heart fulfilled and my purse empty. I decided to do an Education Conversion Diploma (PGCE) so that I could then move on to a Masters in Educational Psychology. But as it so happen in life, our plans don’t work out and soon I was running after the man of my dreams and not the Masters.

We married in 2009, when I was a brave 22 years old. I spent a year teaching and gaining experience so that I could apply for Masters, when a little seed was planted and a baby grew. Soon enough by 24 I was a parent.  And again at 26. And again at 30. I managed to get a few years in teaching English in a high school, before changing it up to Grade 2. On the side however, I had kept up my passion for writing and in 2010 I began Ghost Writing for what was then called Odesk. In between the years I managed to run the start of Coffee at Claire’s, and be a mom.

After a few years teaching, a random Diploma in Advanced Pastel Accounting and a 3 year business making children’s clothes – I decided it was time to do what I should have done back in 2005 when I went to Varsity College. Write.


And so we are here. Qualified and experienced. Quirky and colourful. Ready to be hired.