Who is this passionate Content Creator?

When I write content,

I like to make an impact.

The story of Claire.

When I was 10 days old I was adopted.

Yeah – actually adopted, born of the familiar and taken by the unknown.  Now of course I am the ideal candidate for an enthralling nature nurture debate. Which qualities did I inherit? And what personality traits have been influenced? Really, at the end of it all, I like to believe that the nature I had needed to be nurtured by the parents that raised me. 

So where does that leave me? 

Determined. Dedicated. Driven. The three qualities I learned through nurture.

Creative. Charismatic. Courageous. The three qualities that are my nature.

These six qualities underpin the person I am, and the writer I strive to be. Family is very important to me, and I value the women around me. From writing to inspiring others, my heart has always been to make a difference. Whether I am outside with my 3 kids trying to stop them from tearing each other apart or hidden in my room in my wing-back chair writing a scene – those six qualities are always at play.

My working process:


into your brand, target market and ideal keywords. Ensuring your content is optimised and ready to be found.


content that captivates your audience and garners results.


that content until you are confident it is exactly what you were after, and more.

The technicalities:

I studied English and Psychology at Varsity and went on to focus on education and teach High School English. In 2010 I started freelance writing and bravely stepped into the world of creating content.

I have pushed hard into the night and have added a few extra certifications, including:

MBA P13 Marketing

IELTS Academic Band Score 8.5

PTE 90