Why Coffee at Claire’s?


Why Coffee at Claire’s?

Well aside from that fact that it sounds interesting and obviously got your attention, it is a home space. Everybody wants that person that they can hand over a job to, and know that they can relax whilst it is being done efficiently. And more often than not, this leads to forming relationships and a rapport with clients who so often have found friendship in our business relationship.

With my two degrees in Psychology, I have found that I have been an ear to so many strangers who just needed perspective. Help. To be empowered. And that is where the blog comes in.

So who am I?

I am Claire. My identity is rooted in so many things, and before this journey it was lost in being a mom, wife, business owner and friend. And soon that became overwhelming and I started to feel like I was sinking, hoping to be lost. And one day when driving over a railway line, I said out loud that I didn’t mind being hit by a train. Not because my life was harder than any other, or that I don’t love my 3 children. But just because I felt like I didn’t have an identity other than what was expected of me.

I have had my own battles like everyone is life, I am adopted. I have an autoimmune disease which effects my entire life. Thyroid Disease. ADHD. PCOS. I lost 2 pregnancies….and when I consider those things, I realise that they are all emotional mountains that I climbed. That I want to help you climb.  

And so Coffee at Claire’s picked up again, after being dormant for a few years, and became a safe space to make a virtual cup of coffee, cuddle up and share your journey. A place to empower, inspire and lift up others that feel lost


From a fellow blogger…



Some people are destined to make an impact in this world that we live in and, from the moment that they enter it, it is evident that they are going to leave it a better place than they found it. Claire is one of these people.
A whirlwind of creativity and inspiration, Claire is a rarity, throwing her arms wide open to everybody she encounters on her journey of life and exuding positivity and compassion wherever she goes. With her big dreams and unwavering sense of justice, Claire tackles life head on, always with a smile on her lips and a song in her heart – if you’re really lucky she may even whip out her guitar which is always close at hand!
A devoted mother of three mini-me’s, Claire and her fiercely-loved husband, Don, are blessed to call the picturesque farming community of Greytown in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands their home.
So kick off your shoes, pull up a chair, open your heart and come and join her for a cup of coffee… at Claire’s.