Everybody is feeling confused and vulnerable. Fake news is circling and catching people in its snare. Businesses are falling apart, families are stretched and finances are inaccessible.

And through the thickness of this confusion and uncertainty, rises a small glimmer of opportunity.

When was the last time you had 3 weeks open?
Haven’t you always wanted to pursue that dream?
Weren’t you putting off working on that idea until you caught a gap?
Didn’t you say you wanted out of the rat race?

21 days lockdown does not need to be a complete fail.

I know you’re worried, as am I.
I know you have mouths to feed, so do I.
I know your income is on hold, as is mine.
I know your debits are coming off, mine too.

But for the next 3 weeks there isn’t much either of us can do about it.

So lets focus on what we can do.

Put your time into the avenues you never had room for.

Your children.

You’re going to have conversations you never would have had.
Time you would have lost.
Moments you would have missed.
Memories you wouldn’t get to keep.

This is a turning point and one that could change your life, so I pray that you dig deep and figure out who you really want to be.

You may be on lockdown, but the world is yours.

All my love ♡♡♡