Anxiety is a funny thing.
It can strike at any time.

There often isn’t a warning, just simply some actions or thoughts that lead to your heart racing, your breathing becoming short and a funny sick feeling in the base of your stomach.

You’ve made it through the first few days of lockdown and perhaps you thought you were doing so well, until Sunday evening hit.

For me, Sunday evening is when I prepare for the week ahead. It is my quiet moment to run away with my thoughts. Penning down sports activities and swimming lessons, finance articles needing to be finished, that editing I was working on and promises to focus on my novel – it is my time.

But tonight that is all unnecessary and suddenly the world feels strange. The world feels different and “unnavigated”. I almost don’t know where I am and what I need to do to push through.

And then the panic hits.

Do you know what? I am not alone.

In fact, many of you reading this can relate immediately and some of you may only relate in a little while.

Anxiety is the thoughts and fears around what we think may happen, or what we do not have the finite answers to.


You got this.

I don’t know what is going to happen.
Perhaps we loved life just as it was. Perhaps life was terrible before.
But what I do know is that our “normal” has changed, for now.

Soon we will be running around families and deadlines and errands and the days of lock-down will be forgotten.

But my hope is that you may remember the special things about Covid-19. That life was quiet. That families were together. That wealth suddenly wasn’t a motivation.

Your priorities changed. Your “normal” changed.

When life carries on and we step over to the other side of this, may we be stepping up into a new hope. A good hope. A hope that brings us peace, righteousness and joy. But most importantly, may we take with us the precious lessons we have learned in times of Coronavirus.

All my love ♡

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