Put a ring on it.

You may think I am utterly mad, and perhaps it is true. But if you were going to build a relationship with a person that you fancy, you would want to build it on a strong foundation. There are certain understandings between you and this “lover” that lead to the relationship growing deeper. And as time passes, the relationship is mutually beneficial – to the point where you and your partner go to extra lengths to keep the other happy. Maybe it is a bouquet of flowers, stacking the dishwasher or just listening – but ultimately you are investing in each other by being selfless.

Now surely this cannot relate to how you run your business – but it does. If I walked into your office today and you gave me a long speech about why I need you, I would probably walk out. You see perhaps I do need you, but I want to understand that in needing you I am being cared for as a priority over your own needs.

Would you stay long with a partner that constantly tells you why you need them? That was out to ensure you knew what they had to offer, without any concern about what you really want?


Run your business as if you are pursuing a lover, with kindness and acts of generosity and selflessness. When consumers see that you are different from all the rest, then they will feel safe enough to let their business build a connection with yours.

1. Listen to what your customer wants, not what you think they should want
2. Be kind and courteous on all aspects of social media, your reputation will precede you.
3. Pursue your audience as if they mattered to you, not in a way where you feel you should matter to them.
4.. Remember that there are lots of you around, and if they don’t see a reason to stay they’ll get the services they need elsewhere
5. Think about your customer, and what you would expect from a business like yours – and then what you would like from a business like yours. Then give them something beyond what they would not have expected.

When your actions speak louder than your words, you will see the difference in your audience and your brand buyer connection.