How many of us suffer with an inferiority complex?
And how many of us let this take over our mindset when doing business? We meet a potential client and immediately identify ourselves as being “too small” or “too inexperienced” or just not good enough to land a big client.
And as a result, we don’t reel in the big fish.
There is no doubting that as a smaller business or a startup, you don’t quite have the advantages that bigger companies do. You are throwing a line and hoping to hook a big fish, and you can.
Here are a few tips to help you feel confident when you compete for the biggest fish in your business pond:
1. Trust that you can reel in the big one
Showing your “can do” attitude is appealing to customers, nobody wants to work with a Debbie Downer. If you keep your mindset at a level of negativity and self doubt, you’ll only fish for the low-paying, high-maintenance customers.
2. Offer unique solutions
Think outside the box, and be brave enough to offer a solution that nobody else has offered. Just because it has been done a certain way, doesn’t mean it is the only way to do it. Look at your biggest competitors, and find their weaknesses – then make that your strength.
3. Believe you are bigger
Create the perception that you are a successful, high-earning company through your marketing materials and product. Never misrepresent the size of your company, but go about business as if you are the million-Rand big ticket earner, pulling out all the best bait for your customers. Then be ready and equipped to handle the business that you say you can.
4. Spoil them
Give your new client lots of attention, without smothering them. Often a business will take a chance on a smaller firm, because they know they’ll get the attention and time they miss from a bigger vendor. And then deliver results that are totally top notch.
5. Build a middle reputation
Yes you are fishing for the big one, but build a reputation among the medium sized firms too. A big company will look to use the services of a business that has a portfolio to demonstrate their skill. Nobody wants to be the crash-test-dummy to a startup business.
Believe you can reel in the big one, look the part and cast like you have never cast before. You’re gonna miss a few good fish, but the right one will bite if you apply these tips – so bait up and throw the line in.
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