My name is Samantha Pearse, and I am a wife, a mom, and a boss!

There have been many challenges that I have faced, from debilitating lack of

Self-confidence, to infertility challenges.

They said I’d never have kids


My lowest moment was when I was trying to fall pregnant. We had been trying for 4 years, eventually the doctors told me I’d never have kids. I had gone for surgeries, I had multiple hormone injections. The doctor even said IVF wouldn’t work.


I went to my moms house, I lay on her bed, and I cried. I sobbed as my heart broke and I wondered if I would ever become a mom.


Quitting is not in my personality.


Some people call me stubborn, I like to think of it as tenacious. But when I have a vision on my heart, even when it is impossible, I can’t give up. I knew that somehow, some way, I would be a mom.


I have a very strong faith and I was told at a very young age, that I would be a

woman of great faith, and that is exactly who I am. Slowly I reached a place where I had nothing left in my reserves to push through, but I lent on the Promises I had from my Saviour, and that got me through.


I believe that life happens for you, not to you.


I learnt that faith is a powerful tool. I learnt that I am actually stronger than I thought I was, because every morning, I get up and faced the world. Month after month, even after the pregnancy test was negative, I would still put a smile on my face and rejoice with my friends that were falling pregnant around me. I learnt that despite challenges, there is always something to be thankful for, there is always something to live for.


I have the privilege of being a mom to two miracle babies.


Every day, I get to look into the eyes of souls that I was told would never be, and I am reminded that miracles do happen. I am reminded that tough times don’t always last, and that there is hope after the heartache.


There is always hope. The season will always change, and you won’t always feel this way. Yes, the challenges will leave a scar, but it is up to you as to whether that scar defines you, or reminds you that you are a warrior.


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I have actually used this challenge (and some of the others I have faced) to become a wellness coach and use the experiences that I had, and the lessons that I learnt, to help others overcome.