Today, 33 years ago, a young fragile woman gave birth to a little girl, that would later endeavor to change the path of everyone she meets.  A baby not meant to be, conceived by accident – God had a plan bigger than anyone could have imagined.

And this young mother sat in her hospital bed with tear stained cheeks and swollen breasts, her arms empty. Her baby gone. You see when you become a mother, your instincts and priorities change, and suddenly everything becomes about that child. It is like something plugs into your brain at conception, and the worry never goes away.

But this particular heartsore mother made a decision that I will admire for the rest of my life. She took the baby she had wanted, the little girl she had dreamed of, and placed her into the arms of couple that so desperately wanted a child of their own.

How brave. How courageous. How self-less. There is not a string of words in the world that could explain to anyone what it is to make this choice. And yet, despite her broken heart, she did it.

“Incredible” does not begin to adorn her with the glory she deserves, for following the quiet whisper of a God she clung to in such tumultuous times. She will always, and forever, be my hero. Such faith, such unknowing and such depth of trust in God.

And this baby was placed into the home of two adults that had waited what felt like forever, for a baby to hold close. And they held her and loved her and gave her every opportunity they could. She was shaped and formed into a woman of strength, opinion and joy. But oh to raise a baby born of somebody else, means that there are differences and natures that have to be tamed and overcome. And my oh my did they have to endure the ferocity and passion of a child who wanted to change the world. And now, they quite enjoy her I have heard. She still does things that make them cringe a little, but they let their little bird fly free into the world knowing they had given her the best wings that they could.

And with adoption and raising a child born in your heart, is the small chance that a connection will need to be made between child and biological parent.

And when the time came, and connections were made, both women stood courageously at my side and walked me through questions and helped me to complete puzzle pieces that had never fit before. And my father, a steadfast pillar that never wavered, even as we navigated the path of finding my biological father.

Four different people, their paths crossing in a way that they could never have imagined. Each soul tied to a child that they had shared a piece of.

Mom and dad, thank you. Gabs, well done. You have all played your part in a mighty theatrical 33 years – and I love you all for it. I pray this message touches your hearts, and the hearts of anyone reading it, because that is the task God has given me. The task you prepared me to fulfill, mom and dad, in every decision you made and fought me on. Thank you for being so brave, raising me.