You can only be good at social media, if you learn to regularly create and share your own stories and content. There are many ways to do this, including video and blogging.

Be original

Most people just curate other peoples content – that means they take it, consume it and share it without really adding in much of themselves. When you learn to share your story, and the story of your brand, you can begin to build a powerful social media platform.

It doesn’t really matter if you have a shiny certificate on your wall or that you have taken online courses, to your audience what matters is that you can engage with them and demonstrate what you can offer.

We do hope that Factory Floor will be the right social media course for you, and that it will be the catalyst for building your business online, and growing your social media following.


Today we want to focus on sharing your success. Now of course you don’t want to seem all pompous and boastful, but reviews are so helpful for people when they are making decisions. As we mentioned on our Vlog (Do you need social media), 80% of people will read reviews before making a purchase. And part of those reviews is checking out what companies and profiles you are working with.

It seems to be a very South African thing, where we are apprehensive about sharing our success. It has become a fear to share, because we are worried our competition will copy us. I saw this many times over in my previous business, where one success would lead to a line of copycats. Don’t give your competition too much credit, the world is full of wonderful and amazing people, that have no inclination to take action – even if you give them the 10- steps to success.

Don’t think like that 

We need to change the way we think, and understand (as a dear friend always says) that there is plenty of room in the sunshine. It is just about setting yourself apart, to show customers why they should step into your rays of Vitamin D.

And if your competition starts doing the same thing, then give yourself a high-five for being awesome and carry on. There is no way they can do it the exact way that you do. They can steal your ideas, copy your style and try be you – but they cant, and they’ll always be one step behind your next idea.

Your customers want to know who you are, and what your story is. And sharing your success within your business allows for others to see exactly what you can offer and how you implement it.

Being an entrepreneur can be an awfully lonely road, so share your success and build a business that you love.