I signed up for an online drumming course. Crazy, who has time for that?

I do, because I make my business work for me by thinking outside of the box.

Think outside the box

You’ve heard this statement before, I am very sure of that. But how does one begin to think “outside of the box” and what does it really mean for your business? It is actually very uncomplicated – thinking outside of the box simply means that you are willing to consider a different way of going about achieving your desired outcome. You want to start at one point and arrive at the other, without taking the traditional route to get there.

By thinking differently, we can make our businesses work for us. By questioning the normal way to do things, we open up the opportunities for innovation and improvement. Think of Thomas Edison, had he just decided that life was good as it was, we wouldn’t have light bulbs. Or what about Alexander Graham Bell, if he had not questioned the normal way of doing things, we would possibly still be sending messages via pigeon. What about Bill Gates. Mark Zuckerberg. Elon Musk.

Think like there is no box

We put ourselves in our own box really, when we define our career, role or even our business objectives. Yes of course we need to have structure, but we also need to remove the limits we have placed on ourselves. If you view things as unchangeable, then nothing will ever get better or improve.

By thinking as if there were no constraints, you begin to see how you can improve your product, service or customer experience. This allows for you to grow your perspective on just how much you can achieve, which will also allow for you to be receptive to new and fresh ideas of limitless possibilities.

The excitement

But the part about thinking outside the box that excites me the most, is standing out. There are so many businesses doing the same thing, that it can be so easy to just become another web designer, another plumber, another [insert your title here]…

Don’t be afraid to be different, because it can set you apart from the competition and really help your business gain traction.

Divine business counsel

“Ah but Claire they do this in such a way…” you say to me. So what? Do it your way. There is no divine business counsel waiting to smite you for doing something different, only those around you who may jeer and laugh. But when it works? When your new way of thinking brings your success? Well those that laughed will be hot on your tail to take the same action…and then, you change course and create another new way of doing something.

Be willing to be adaptable, to learn to succeed and to learn to fail. We have to evolve to stay current and relevant, yesterdays stories are forgotten. We have to be ready for tomorrow. Thinking like there is no box, keeps our minds open to fresh and unique ideas, helping us to navigate the crowded seas of business.

So what do you need to do today, and how can you do it differently?

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