Who am I?

Firstly I am a Christian, then I am a wife and a mother to four amazing children. I am also strong. I am a fighter.

I have faced many challenges from depression as a teenager, to a young marriage and many struggles that came with it, like miscarriage, infertility, adoption and biological children. I have also walked a road of addiction with my husband.

My lowest moment

When I discovered that my husband had an addiction, it was probably the most difficult moment of my life. At the time, I was 32 weeks pregnant with our 4th child…and our whole lives fell apart.

I didn’t quit

My faith in God and his comfort in difficult times kept me going. I also believe that a marriage should be fought for, no matter what and I am glad that I did push through. I sought comfort in my support system, turning to them broken searching for help.

What I gained

This journey of addiction and fighting for a marriage has made me more understanding towards the struggles of others. It has also made my faith stronger, my marriage stronger and my relationship with others stronger.  The whole experience set me back emotionally, and set our family back financially. It has taken hundreds of hours of talking through the hard times to get to a point where my husband and I are going to make it. My husband diligently attends his support groups twice a week – so it never goes away.

My words to you

I want to tell you that no matter what you are facing in your marriage, to not give up. We have to push through the hard times. Pray. God has been my strength through it all. I turned to writing, and put my story down in a book call “This is your husband.”

If anyone finds familiarity in my story and wants to connect, please message Coffee at Claire’s and they will connect us.