If you don’t show up, are you even there? Linked In. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. It’s all so overwhelming. Couple random hashtags….I mean what is a hashtag anyway? Surely a few posts here and
there are enough to make it to the top of a search engine page!


It comes down to a very fine twist of keywords, phrases, backlinks, website speed, relevance and colour psychology. But you don’t worry too much, you’re getting a few sales via your website and word of mouth. But is it enough, don’t you wanna make more?

Sure things have been tough lately, we can look back and blame the economy. Say there are too many copycats. Competition is stiff. But is it really?

It all comes down to knowing what you are doing, and how to do it well. This is the part where we step in. Currently rebranding, Coffee at Claire’s takes your social media pages and website and looks for the areas where there is a need.

Content Strategy Specialist

We are not social media managers, we are Content Strategy Specialists. We audit your online pages and walk you through a process of aligning your content with your business, whilst creating a plan for production, performance and distribution. You then take that information and either apply it to your content yourself, or allow us to create your content and landing pages for you.

Try us.

Comment for a quote and we will contact you * Whatsapp 072 213 2702 * hello@coffeeatclaires.com